Born in 1985 in the north of France, Léa Habourdin first studied printmaking at Estienne in Paris and then photography in Arles. Attentive to the diversity of life forms, her practice seeks to draw other ways of resonating with Worlds. She observes the relationship we maintain with other animals, with landscapes and play with the notions of survival, fracture, reconstruction to recompose another view of what we call “the wild”.

Exploring fields such as ethology, applied science research or botanics, she works with drawings and photographies where the place of the book and printed matter is crucial.

Her work has been rewarded many times, she was notably awarded the Carte Blanche PMU – le BAL in 2015, the CIPGP research grant in 2019, and the CNAP creation grant in 2020. Her work has been shown in several festivals (Photo Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Lianzhou festival in China, Photo Saint Germain in Paris)
In 2018 she exhibited “Survivalists” at the GoEun Museum in South Korea and took advantage of the opening of the exhibition to launch her publishing house: Mille Cailloux (which she now runs with Jessica Martinato) where the act of publishing will be thought of as an artistic practice.